Sans Souci Speakers Club


A welcome from the Club President

“ Hi – my name is David Godfrey and from June 2015 I’ve been the President of Sans Souci Speakers Club. Thanks for visiting our site…… take your time and have a good look round.

James Browning 2So what do we do? Good question.

Sans Souci Speakers Club teaches Public Speaking….. but it does much more than that: it provides a safe environment and a friendly atmosphere where members can fulfil their potential. It’s a social club, it’s a hobby, it’s a testing ground for the young professional and yes…… we do teach Public Speaking and presentation skills.

Founded and developed in Solihull, we provide a Public Speaking service for the Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham and West Midlands area.

Our club evenings cover all forms of presentation skills. These include prepared speeches, impromptu speeches and the little understood art of chairmanship.

As a new member you will slowly add the skills you need, always at your own pace and always with support and encouragement from other members.

Simply put….. our aim is to enable you to speak in public, with confidence. If you want to improve your public speaking and presentation skills then email us or come along to one of our regular meetings.

If you want to conquer those fears – come and join us. ”

james Browning – Club President


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