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03/04/13 – Topics “A Road to Success”

And for another year we entertained the annual Sans Souci Topics Competition, resided over by our esteemed Topics Chairman; Mr Robert Wooldridge (winner from last year). A Topics situation can be a challenge at the best of times but Bob was certainly not going to let anyone off lightly this year.  As Bob explained, he came up with his topics after reading an article on …… ROADS …. in a newspaper. The result was the following topics, picked at random, by those brave souls ready to stand up and be counted! For those not familiar with the format, a speaker is asked to visit the Chair and select, at random, a piece of paper which holds their topic.  The speaker then has either 2 or 3 minutes to deliver a constructed speech using all the tools, techniques and skills of a public speaker to impress the audience and the judges. Below are the speakers, their topics and a link to their videos.

Round 1 (Duration of 2 minutes)

Sarah Burwood – “Every conceivable medium”

Philip Brown – “Roads are the most significant of Buildings”

Lyndon Wall “Noise Nuisance” 

Jason Welford “Modifies our daily lives” 

Lilian Watts “Remember with astonishment” 

Roy Gibson “Better no information than miss leading information” 

Ivan Cradwell “The state of the road network” 

Tom Miller “The quality of life” 


Round 2 (Duration 3 minutes)

Topic Title: “The Absolute Best”

2013 Topics Winner

1st Place:

Roy Gibson

IMG_4258Runner Up

Tom Miller

IMG_42593rd Place

Philip Brown


BIG congratulations goes to Roy Gibson for his competition success and our best wishes as he represents us at the next district Topics competition. We would also like to thank our three judges; Bryan Cottrell, Peter Cottrell and Janet Wakeman. A big thank you also go to Bob for his chairmanship as well as his challenging Topics. A final thank you goes to all the competition participants and the two guests (who probably didn’t know what they had let themselves in for).   Bon-voyage

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