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20/03/13 – “Props, Props and more Props”

Well, another superlative evening with a record 5 prepared speeches, 5 speech evaluations and a Topics session thrown in for a little bonus. Chaired by the ever ready Roy Gibson it was all agreed the evening was a good one to be in attendance.

"to screen or not to screen"

“to screen or not to screen”

Following the opening by Tom we had our first speaker; Lyndon Wall who was taking his B2 Challenge (Mean What You Say) with a speech entitled “Health Screening”.  This clever little speech questioned the premise …. Is early intervention a good thing?  Lyndon asked probing questions of the audience and took us down a dark and frightening path that was aimed at re-evaluating our thoughts on the matter, leaving us with the message … “before you embark, make sure you are prepared because it often the quality of life and not the quantity of life that matters”.  David Godfrey provided a rounded evaluation with some thoughtful advice followed with the recommendation that Lyndon move on to the next section. We then had another B2 speech delivered by Jason Welford with a thought provoking title “In Defence of a Dirty Word”.  In a challenging environment, where there appears to be far more economic critical experts, Jason begged the question whether Capitalism really deserves its current poor name.  With some very clever word pictures thrown in I would suggest we heard some compelling arguments.  This was reflected in the positive evaluation from Janet Wakeman who provided a nice summary of the positive elements layered with some advice for the speaker and the audience as a whole. [JW Tip …. Fold the corner of your notes, then you just have to pull one across the other without creating a distraction] Our third speaker was James Browning who was going for his B4 (Gestures) with a one word title “Misconceptions”.  Leaving nothing to our imagination he provided a highly entertaining speech based on the phase “Top of the morning to you”.  With fantastic voice, gestures, humour and some clever use of Props, there was little left for our evaluator, Philip Brown, to bring him up short on.  Moving on the next level was an obvious choice…. Just watch out for timings.

Public Speech on face blindness

“Face Blindness”

Speaker number 4 was our resident Author, Janet Edwards.  Janet was tackling her B5 (Use of Voice) with her speech titled “Face to Face”.  This was a fascinating speech about the complex condition Prosopagnosia , also called face blindness.  This is a disorder of face perception where the ability to recognise faces is impaired, while other aspects of visual processing remain intact.  A real eye opener with some clever use of props (again) which was evaluated by our esteemed member, Lilian Watts.  Lilian gave some excellent advice that we can all take away to help improve. Our last, but not least, speaker was Tom Miller who was up against the dreaded B8 (Use of Humour).  With a title “Reasons to be Cheerful” we were exposed some interesting, thought provoking viewpoints with a smattering of humorous anecdotes; being sacked from MacDonald’s 20 years ago and super huge pigs (Boris and Margery) popping out inordinate numbers of piglets.  Once again, for the third time this evening, we were shown props as part of the speech!  Bob Wooldridge provided a rounded evaluation for Tom that, once again, acknowledged that humour can be a very personal thing but that shouldn’t stop us hearing a B9 next from Tom.


At very short notice (40 minutes) David Godfrey stepped into the role of Topics Chairman as the original chair was unable to attend.  David cunningly put together a topics session based on a current affairs theme (you work it out).  With the Topics Competition just round the corner there was quite an interest to participate and we didn’t fail to have some very well delivered topics which shows just how this club will benefit you personally by developing communication skills.  Our speakers and topics were:

Topics & General Evaluation

Carol Bullimore was somehow shanghaied into not only presenting the Topics Evaluation but also the General Evaluation.  Undeterred, Carol was able to give some well articulated feedback to all the topic takers and the topics chair.  The General Evaluation was also a well structured affair with a good summary of all the Evaluators, dotted with advice that we can all take away. Best Speaker of the Evening:      James Browning Best Topic of the Evening:            Philip Brown

Was the evening a success? ….. Damn right it was!

Would you go again? …. You bet!

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