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06/03/13 – “Birthdays & Goodbyes”

Chairman TomThis evening saw first rate chairmanship from Tom Miller with a full programme of speakers and topic takers.  Lined up were two members who were challenging themselves with prepared speeches and one member providing a delivery based on the Advanced Section;

  1. Carol Bullimore:   B6/B7 (Vocabulary, Word Pictures and Use of Notes)
  2. Roy Gibson:  B8 (Use of Humour)
  3. Hilary Davis:  G8 (Advanced – Reading Aloud to an Audience)

Carols title was “My Number’s Up” and can only be described as a roller coaster story dealing with emotions and actions of realising you’re late to place your numbers on the lottery, when you are responsible for the lotto syndicate at work!  This speech had all the requirements for a the target skills and will be remembered for the clever use of word pictures such as “Lizards slithering through my brain” and “queuing like a Crack Head”.  Carol was evaluated by Bob Wooldridge who provided an excellent overview of the speakers challenges and pointed out clear examples of how the speaker was able to achieve the required standard to move on to the next stage … B8.  Well done Carol.

“Lizards on the Brain”

Our second speaker was Roy and his speech entitled “Are You Stupid” looked at the quirky nature of intelligence with a smattering of jokes.  Incorporating humour into a speech is possibly one of the hardest challenges facing a public speaker and was highlighted by our evaluator Janet Wakeman.  Janet was able to give some very good advice, not just for the speaker but also for the entire audience.  The evaluation concluded that on this occasion the speech delivered was a serious speech with some humour rather than a humorous speech with a smattering of seriousness. Our final speaker was Hilary who was provided an extract, in this case from “My Family and Other Animals”.  Hilary was able to truly demonstrate excellent articulation, use of voice and the use of eye contact to keep the audience enthralled throughout.  This exercise was evaluated by Lilian Watts who revealed just how difficult this exercise was and gave some heartfull advice on how resources could be improved.  Lilian was able to pick up on many of the attributes demonstrated by the speaker and provide some important snippets of advice that we can all take away with us.


After the break our Topics Chair was excellently managed by Jayne Youdan who had a number of challenging titles for 5 intrepped Topic Speakers that were all based on “If You …..”

Janet Edwards provided and excellent review of the Topics Chairmanship as well as the speakers themselves and decided the best delivered topic was by Ivan with his self deprecating humour. The final General Evaluation was delivered by Philip Brown who’s role is to provide that all important review of the entire evening as well as providing an evaluation of the evaluators (it is, after all, about learning). Phil also presented the trophies for best speech to Carol and best Evaluation to Janet.



“Busy Night at the Club”

The evenings entertainment included a celebration birthday cake, as it was Toms special day, and an award to Jayne for having completed half of the assignments.  It was also a sad occasion as we say goodbye to Jayne who leaves us for 12 months ….. as she travels around the world!  However, we can be sure of more tantalising content on Jaynes return. Was the evening entertaining ….. Spot On! Did we learn …. There certainly was something for everyone!

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