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Club Evening Reports

06/02/13 Club Night … “A night of firsts”

This evening provided a full schedule of entertainment with a number of first time speakers taking up their challenge in the prepared section to be followed by a very humorous, if challenging, topics session. Bob, the Chairman, provided a rounded performance to keep the entertainment flowing throughout.

Prepared Speeches;


Lynden provided a B1 Speech entitled “No Worries” which took us on an investigation into the very meaning of Sans Souci (the translation) with some excellent links to Lynden’s past experience of living in Australia where the term “No Worries” takes on its very own special meaning.


Jason provided another B1 Speech entitled “Making A Start” which cleverly used his own IT background to present to us an introduction all about his life but seen through the structure of a Web Site.  Under Construction will have a whole new meaning for the audience now. Jayne provided the audience with a B5 Speech entitled “Taking Part” which artfully recreated the game show Deal or No Deal that was recorded last year and to which Jayne had attended. Our final speech was from the Advanced Section F10 – Speech without Notes presented by Janet and titled “I Can’t Do It” from which Janet proved she was very much able to do it. As with all our club nights each of our Speakers where given their very own evaluation from designated club members and each one confirmed the level of speeches deserved to be recognised and each member was asked to move on to their next challenge in the club programme. Our evaluators were Lilian, Sarah, Tom and Phil.



Following the obligatory break we then had a very humorous Topics managed by James as the Topics Chairman who had busily volunteered several members of the audience to each give a mini topic of his choice.  These topic speeches required each speaker to articulate how they would explain away being “caught in the act”.   No guesses where he got his examples…

- Horse Meat

- Yellow Jersey

- Speeding Ticket (Points)

- MP Expenses

- American Inauguration … Lip Sync.

As always, an evaluation of the Topics was returned by Lilian who highlighted the positives as well as the areas of improvement. Finally, Roy gave a constructive evaluation of the entire night in his General Evaluator role and awarded the evening trophies;

In summary….


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