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28/01/15 – Club Evening

Which do you prefer – scintillating Speeches, tantalising Topics or educational Evaluations? No doubt other adjectives could be used for what were, on Wednesday last, part of a welcoming and warm evening at Sans Souci SC?

Fourteen members enjoyed each others entertaining and thought provoking contributions to developing our Public Speaking skills. Our speechmakers took us through assignments A2, 3, 4 and 5 and were all told by their evaluators that they should progress to the next level in The Speakers Guide and our General Evaluator agreed. Success all round!

The Evaluators had obviously listened with care and gave very helpful advice but some of them will agree that their next achievement will be to deliver their advice in only the 4 minutes expected!

The same can be said for The Chair who, as a founder member, gave a longer than intended talk about the development of the Club since it’s inception exactly 30 years ago, in the hope that some of the past successes of the Club will be emulated by current members.

Topics tormented some and baffled others but the results showed that skills in speaking impromptu are developing well.

Entertainment value in all areas was first rate, as our General Evaluator explained, when he gave what was succinct feedback, even though this was his first attempt at this discipline.

I believe all participants gained from the evening and it now only remains for 4 members to volunteer to be team participants on March 6th for the Spouters’ Stump Contest and for the rest of us to ensure that we give support on February 6th to our contestants at the Area Contests.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 11th February 2015. There is a change of venue for this meeting and it will be held at the Oak, which is a little further into Hockley Heath village. Details can be found on the events page. We will revered back to the Barn on 25th February.

Lillian Watts (28/01/15)

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