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08/10/14 – Club Evening

An extremely enjoyable evening was had by all with some great speeches by all.

It was good to see that we had two guests this evening and shows that the club has a good future with continued interest coming from the website.

The evening was chaired by Ivan and the first to the lectern was Joanna who gave us an interesting speech based on the famous song “Red Red Wine”. We were given an insight into her love of Red wine and learned of the different types that there are. This was here attempt at an A2 speech.

Next up was Oscar with his A4 speech “A Hero” which was going to be his entry in this years Sans Souci Souffle Competition to be held this coming Friday 10th October. Oscars speech told the story of an ordinary hero who by doing good was a different type of hero to what we expect.

Last up was Thomas with his second attempt at the A6. His speech was based around Columbo and was titled “Just one more thing”. He discussed the idea of Columbo and what he would be like if he joined our club.

The speeches were evaluated by James, Carol and Janet W respectively and all speeches were deemed to be of the required standard to move on to the next level.

After a short break there was a lively topics session hosted by David. Everyone took part and it was nice to see that the guests also decided to get up and have a go.

Lillian was the general evaluator for the evening and the evening was finally rounded up by Ivan.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 22nd October 2014.

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