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Club Evening Reports

24/09/14 – The Grand Opening

Well the first meeting of the season got off to a flying start after the unfortunate mix up with the rooms last week.

There were twelve members in attendance including a new member, Liam, who originally was a member at Yardley Speakers Club which unfortunately has now closed down. He was made welcome by one and all and the Club looks forward to hearing his first speech. Five members gave their apologies.

The programme consisted of three speeches given by Ivan Crowdell, “It’s all about perceptions” (A4), Thomas Ballantyne, “Just one more thing” (A6) and David Godfrey, discussing the changes to the speakers guide, and one reading by Bob Wooldridge. Evaluators were Janet Edwards, Carol Bullimore, Jayne Youdan and the Group. Janet Wakeman was Chairman, Graham Short was timekeeper.

The speech by David on the subject of ‘Changes to Speakers Guide’ evoked much discussion with some members in agreement with the changes whilst others had misgivings. However, the consensus was that the Club would give these changes a chance to see if they were beneficial to the Club.

We then had a very lively topics session which was enjoyed by all.

The meeting was closed on time and everyone was informed of the next meeting next week on Wednesday 24th September.

Janet Wakeman (24/09/14)

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