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Club Evening Reports

08/01/14 – Ready, Steady, Go!

New Year 2014The first Meeting of the New Year was most enjoyable especially as there was a good attendance.  It makes all the difference for both participants and audience and hopefully this will continue for the rest of the season.  We had a visitor, Chris, who liked what he saw and promptly joined so that was an added bonus. There was a full programme for the night which consisted of two B3 speeches from by Ivan Crowdell and Oscar Godfrey.  There was an additional Reading by Thomas Ballantyne and an impressive Impromptu Speech by David Godfrey. Speech evaluations were delivered by Lillian Watts, James Browning, Hilary Davis and Phil Brown.   Brian May provided his first Topics Evaluation and the evening was Generally Evaluated by Manish Sharma. Out Topics Chairman for the night was performed by Janet Edwards who took us down memory lane while at the same time feeding us various sweets! In the Chair was Janet Wakeman. The evening was highly entertaining, varied and well attended.  Our General Evaluator gave her views on whether she thought the Meeting had met the standards of the ASC and her verdict was that she thought it had tempered with some well thought through advice on how to improve some areas, both for individuals and the Club as a whole. Was the evening a success – yes it was; and that was down to an excellent programme, good speeches, a lively Topics Session and an enthusiastic audience. Janet Wakeman (15/01/14)

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