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18/09/13 – “Many Firsts on Second Date”

This is a report of our 2nd club meeting of the 2013/2014 season, and what an amazing session we had!!!!! We had a new visitor last night and a previous past president Manisha who were both awesome in their contributions and well done for standing up and doing a short impromptu speech on the subject of “Bucket Lists” The first part of the evening covered a number of prepared speeches and we had contributions from Ivan, our social secretary, on his experiences in the catering industry.  I can assure you I will ask to inspect the kitchens of every venue I go to eat from now on!!!! Thanks for that friendly warning Ivan. We also had an Ice Breaker speech from Oscar, who is our very own education directors 15 year old son, about a very heartfelt story concerning a very old bootleg tape recording of a Led Zeppelin concerts, go for it Oscar.  One of my all time favourite bands, well done and you would think he had been speaking for all his life in public!!!! We also had a reading from Bob Wooldridge on an extract from “John Steinbeck’s East of Eden”.  Well done to you Bob, many comments on Bobs melodic voice, want to hear it in person, then come along to the  next meeting!!!! The meeting was very ably chaired by James Browning, who never fails to get a laugh with his “I am proud I am Irish wit”. A special well done to you James as this was your first Chairmanship but you would never know. The Various speeches were ably evaluated (constructive feedback and praise) by our Phil Brown, Roy Gibson (who also evaluated the Topics Session).  Well done to you both.  Bobs reading had an audience evaluation which was highly praised. I thought the Topics session was great (I ran it myself lol).  This part of the evening gives a chance for the audience members to speak about a “bucket list” event; including such activities as sky diving, hang gliding and even a date with Brad Pitt!!!!  Others topics include a visit to a long lost relative, racing a car around Silverstone race circuit, walking over hot coals and running a marathon. Our little topic takers who stood up performed brilliantly, which was not an easy task at times, but certainly entertaining that’s for sure. Well what can I say except, if you weren’t there last night, why not?! But joking apart, there was a lot of jollity (is that a word?) laughter and general good humour with everyone participating and taking further steps to grow their confidence and ability in their speaking skills. So well done to everyone who contributed to making last night a very entertaining evening , and we look forward to making this the best Sans Souci season ever!!!!! Finally, the whole evening was brilliantly evaluated by our own Sarah Burwood.  Another first so well done to you Sarah. Phew, I needed two glasses of Guinness, to complete this, so sit down relax , read this little treatise, have a glass of wine or beer!!!! But make sure you come to the next meeting on the 2nd October at the Barn (7pm for 7.30pm start) , see you then Tom Miller Publicity Officer/Immediate Past President

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