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If you found our site interesting and would like to improve your public speaking and presentation skills, please contact us for more information or just come along to one of our meetings.

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Please use the form below to email us, or call David Godfrey on 0800 007 5761

We will send you a programme of meeting dates, a flyer explaining what we do and a map showing how to get to our venue:

Public Speaking Tip: When writing a speech use short Anglo-Saxon words rather than long words of Latin origin. “ Of the 701 words in Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, a marvel of economy in itself, 505 are words of one syllable and 122 are words of two syllables. ” William Zinsser

The West Warwickshire Sports Club, Olton, Solihull.


If you don’t want to contact us….. just come along

You don’t have to contact us, you can just come along to one of our meetings.

For venue details, take a look at our venue page. You’ll find a location plan and details of where to park.

For details of meeting dates, take a look at our dates page. You’ll find details of dates and times.