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How to... Find a Speakers Club Near You

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What is a Speakers Club?

Clubs can take many forms but they are generally fun, friendly and made up of people just like you. The members or your local speakers club can help you to conquer your fear of public speaking and improve your presentation skills.


Speakers Club Versus Commercial Courses?

Commercial Public Speaking courses are generally high intensity courses, which take place over one, two or three days. They teach you the mechanics of public speaking and presentation skills. In such a short time you may learn the fundamentals… but you won’t learn how to cope with your fear… that can only be done over an extended period.

A club will also teach you public speaking and presentation skills, but in addition they will address the dreaded nerves. And because the training is extended, you will learn how to cope with those butterflies, sweaty palms, dry mouth and all the rest. Most speakers clubs are non commercial / non profit organisations, the membership fees are nominal… usually less than £5.00 per meeting.


How do I find a Club

You can type “speakers clubs” into Google and you get about eleven and a half million sites to choose from… but you’ve got better things to do, hopefully… fortunately you can spend just a few minutes looking at the info below, easy peasy.

We would love it if you were to join Sans Souci Speakers Club , but if you don’t live in the Solihull area and you would like to find other clubs near to where you live, please look at the links below.

Public Speaking Tip: If you use humour to make a point…..then you won’t bomb.
“ When you tell a joke that makes a point, people recognise that fact.So even if they don’t find the joke funny, they still realise that you’re making a point. ”
Malcolm Kushner

Looking for a club near to Solihull?

There are other local clubs, if you would like to contact any of them, please follow the links below.

Redditch Speakers Club

Wolverhampton Speakers Club

Yardley Speakers Club

Barwell Cedars Speakers Club

Matlock Speakers Club


Clubs in other areas of the UK

If you need to find a club outside the Solihull, Birmingham, Coventry or West Midlands area, then have a look at the information on the ASC’s website.

The ASC has listings of all its member clubs sorted into regions. Just click on their map and voila! A choice of clubs.